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Sean Quinn’s explosive letter to TDs: Says he’s been ‘penniless for 12 years’ and Kevin Lunney abduction links were ‘pure evil’

Mr Quinn has asked politicians to investigate the takeover and collapse of his company, Quinn Group, calling it a “complete disaster from day one” which “caused unrest, sabotage and violence”.

He accuses both the Government and Anglo Irish Bank of “leaving me penniless for the past 12 years, unable to fight my corner regarding the takeover of our companies.”

“I believe that the takeover was unconscionable by the Irish government,” he said.

He said “attempts to link me to Kevin Lunney’s abduction was pure evil”.

“I have been vilified for long enough,” he said.

Mr Quinn also said “several major reported instances of fraud” should be investigated by gardai and government agencies.

“I would sincerely ask you, as a public representative, to ensure that any cover up or negligence in terms of investigating the whole issue is reviewed and brought to the public’s attention,” he said.

Mr Quinn also quotes from his own book, where he says he has “never lied to or misled a garda, solicitor, banker, auditor, board member, or any of the thousands of staff who worked for me.

“Nor did I ever ask anyone to lie on my behalf. Furthermore, I did not have any hand, act, or part in Kevin Lunney’s abduction.”

He said he is not seeking any financial gain but said there is a need to investigate the cases he alleges to be fraudulent.

“If the blatant illegality and fraud relating to the takeover of the Quinn companies, which cost the taxpayer approximately €5bn, is covered up, what conclusion can Irish people come to, knowing that if it was they who were involved in this type of criminality, they would spend significant time in prison.”

He then asks TDs and Senators to meet or contact him.

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