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Kim Kardashian gags fans in first trailer for American Horror Story: Delicate

Kim Kardashian (L) and Emma Roberts (R) star in American Horror Story: Delicate.

Nightmares come to life in the first trailer for Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Delicate, starring Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne and Kim Kardashian.

FX’s horror anthology series American Horror Story has a proud history of high-camp moments, from Patti LuPone singing in a gay bathhouse to Sarah Paulson playing a plethora of iconic horror villains and victims. And it looks like season 12, Delicate, will be no exception.

The latest instalment – written by Halley Feiffer and based on Danielle Valentine’s recently released “Rosemary’s Baby-style” thriller Delicate Conditiondropped its first trailer on Wednesday (6 September).

The teaser offers fans aa first proper glimpse at the fascinating cast including American Horror Story veteran Emma Roberts, supermodel Cara Delevingne and reality TV icon Kim Kardashian, and a plot that sees A-list celebrity and expectant mother Anne Alcott’s (Roberts) caught up in a dark conspiracy.

The trailer begins with Anne and her husband Dexter (Matt Czuchry) ready to start a family. But when Anne falls pregnant, a malignant presence aka healthcare professional Meg (played by Delevingne) enters her life, sparking fears for her pregnancy.

Soon Anne is plagued by disturbing thoughts such as her unborn child devouring her from the womb. Luckily, manager and confidante Siobhan Walsh (Kim Kardashian) is there to help Anne navigate the hell she has found herself in.

Dressed in an arresting wardrobe and bringing all her star power to the screen, Kardashian delivers plenty of memorable campy moments in the trailer.

“You have a peculiar penchant for turning dreams into nightmares,” Siobhan tells Anne over a phone call. In another scene she sings the season’s trademark lullaby “Rock-a-bye-baby”. At another point, she poses to Anne the existential question many of us have asked: “Do you want an Oscar? Do you want it as much as a baby?”

Since this is The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s first major acting gig – voice role in 2021’s animated children’s film PAW Patrol: The Movie notwithstanding – fans are already going wild at Kim K’s thespian pivot.

The trailer also features a first glimpse of Pose star and trans icon Michaela Jaé Rodriguez (Pose) in her role as Talia Donovan.

The season also stars Billie Lourd, Denis O’Hare, Leslie Grossman and Zachary Quinto. American Horror Story: Delicate airs on FX on 20 September, 2023. It will be available to stream on Hulu from the next day.

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