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The character of Zac in Max Macneil & the secrets of the amulet.

What is it about Zac that resonates with us?

As I had mentioned about how we can find we are similar to many characters we read about. Zac is an example of how we can hide parts of ourselves behind our cool exterior.

Zacs homelife was interesting. He adopted his ways around his parents, but especially his Mum. And he made a good job at hiding things from his Neighbour Max.

Zac is Max’s Neighbour and they naturally ended up as friends. He is a very adventurous, confident, trendy thirteen-year-old boy. His personality is a little cheeky and sarcastic, and he is taller for his age. He loves tree-climbing and is a brown-belt karate kid, so it was second nature for him to do dangerous maneuvers around trees.

You can see Zac loves to dress a bit trendy and he has a bit of an ego about himself. With his Karate skills, he often likes to show off. He does tease Max often, but in a friendly way as Zac does actually like Max as a good friend. Zac often saw Max not always in his best happy self and he sort of tried to cheer him up. Zac often thinks about his own homelife but gets a kick out of messing with Max. Max took it well as he knew Zac’s personality was the joker.

The Character of Zac Huxley

Zac enjoys his time hanging out with Max, and they often talked a lot about many different subjects. There were many times Zac had notice odd things about Max and he was always on a quest to try and figure him out.

Particularly the day that Max seemed rather angry and was on a mission to find himself. Zac couldn’t help but find Max’s staunch attitude cool. Zac tagged along with max into the unknown world.

Upon this journey Zac was often put in positions of being a little bit on the outer.

Zac is blown away with the strange things that occur upon Max’s new journey. He is attempting to keep up, but Max doesn’t appear to be giving too much away. Zac is left confused and trying to work things out.

All Zac really focused on was being cool and showing off as much as he had the opportunity to, but this began to change when he discovered no-one really enjoyed a showoff and he was shown up a few times.

Particularly when he met someone that made him act even more egotistical and he was soon put in his place. He kept having experiences where he went from feeling rather chuffed about himself to having to feel like he was missing something entirely and then embarrassed.

The unknown world that Zac is falling into, seems to be testing his belief system. From his own homelife experiences, it made him not value and respect others in their own uniqueness. He believes he is too cool. Zac soon finds out that he may have some serious competition that leaves him feeling a little silly.

What part of Zac represents you?

Much Love, health and peace always xx


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