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Christopher Luxon launches campaign with eight-point pledge card

The National Party has marked its campaign launch in South Auckland by issuing a “personal pledge” in the form of a card with eight “bedrock commitments” spanning the economy, law and order and climate change.

“New Zealanders have had enough,” Christopher Luxon told a crowd of more than 1,000 at the Due Drop Events Centre. “They want a new direction. So does National and today I’m putting my name to a pledge guaranteeing eight commitments if National is elected on October 14.”

The pledges enumerated on the postcard-size flyer – a device previously beloved of Tony Blair and Helen Clark – are:

  • Lower inflation and grow the economy
  • Let you keep more of what you earn
  • Build infrastructure
  • Restore law and order
  • Lift school achievement
  • Cut health waiting times
  • Support seniors
  • Deliver Net Zero Carbon by 2050

Following last week’s tax announcements, no new policy is expected at today’s event. Labour’s finance spokesperson, Grant Robertson, issued a pre-emptive strike this morning, attacking the tax plan. “If Christopher Luxon wants to make some real pledges today, then he needs to tell New Zealanders how he will pay for the gaping holes that have been identified in almost every aspect of the plan,” said Robertson.

In the leadup to the launch, a few hundred protesters from Freedom NZ gathered outside the venue, setting off on a march before it began. Labour’s launch in central Auckland yesterday was repeatedly disrupted by protesters from Brian Tamaki’s group who popped up from the audience and hollered slogans.

A table of National T-shirts. Photo: Toby Manhire

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