Director Is Baffled After Reporter Asks Why No Diversity in Film About 18th Century Denmark

Mads Mikkelsen has enjoyed a stellar career in film, appearing as an actor in such films as “King Arthur,” “Casino Royale,” and most recently, the Indiana Jones film “Dial of Destiny.”

Mikkelsen’s latest project is “The Promised Land,” set in 1750 Denmark. In the film, Mikkelsen plays Ludvig von Khalen, a soldier who “arrives in 1755 on the barren Jutland heath with a single goal: to follow the king’s call to cultivate the land and thereby achieve wealth and honor himself,” according to its IMDb synopsis. 

Needless to say, there aren’t many Spanish speakers, Asians, or Native Americans in the film. In 1750, Denmark was populated by white, Nordic Europeans. Except that in the film, there is a single black woman who is a victim of racism. This fact apparently went over the head of one unnamed Danish reporter.

I want to see someone make a Hitler biography with a totally racialized cast.


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