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Election 2023: National Party unveils pledge card at campaign launch

The National Party has unveiled an election year pledge card, listing eight of its priority promises.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon at the party's launch of its 2023 election campaign.

National Party leader Christopher Luxon at the party’s launch of its 2023 election campaign.
Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

It’s holding its campaign launch in South Auckland this afternoon, where there was initially a large Freedoms New Zealand protest outside, which seems to have largely dispersed.

Leader Christopher Luxon says the pledge card is his personal guarantee of the commitments a National government would deliver.

They range from economic promises around inflation and growth, infrastructure, law and order, education, health, seniors and climate change.

Watch the National campaign launch here:

Luxon is “guaranteeing” a National government would achieve eight important commitments “to get New Zealand back on track”, if the party wins the general election next month.

“New Zealanders have had enough. They want a new direction. So does National and today I’m putting my name to a pledge guaranteeing eight commitments if National is elected on October 14.”

“New Zealanders have a stark choice this election,” said Luxon.

“Either three more years of a high-taxing, high-spending, Labour, Greens and Te Pati Māori coalition that will never agree on anything, or a strong, stable National-led Government that will focus on what matters to New Zealanders and will get out country back on track.”

National’s pledge card:

  • Lower inflation and grow the economy
  • Let you keep more of what you earn
  • Build infrastructure
  • Restore law & order
  • Lift school achievement
  • Cut health waiting times
  • Support seniors
  • Deliver Net Zero Carbon by 2050

The Labour launch was disrupted by hecklers from the Freedoms Party and today Freedoms co-leader Brian Tamaki said they were there “to confront Christopher Luxon and National MPs about the state of this nation”.

“It’s time for bold fathers to arise and save this nation,” he said.

“Politicians can no longer afford to hide their faith. These desperate times require bold and courageous leaders who openly uphold strong Christian family values.”

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Meanwhile, Labour leader Chris Hipkins took to the Avondale markets this morning, where he received a mixed reaction.

Many people were keen for photo, but there were also number making their opposition to Labour and the government clear as he walked through the crowds.

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