ESPN Bet promo code: The rewarding sportsbook bonus to try

The ESPN Bet promo code set to launch on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023, is officially classified as the rewarding sportsbook bonus that online sports bettors must try.

Fanspeak is best when it’s most emotional.

Other than the fact that sports fans are the reason our monstrous professional sports world exists, it is admittedly funny at times. The anger, disappointment, and frustration sometimes place us in the most fictional and unrealistic land.

For instance, “Throw the bomb,” is one of my favorites. An NFL team’s struggling offense always brings calls to replace the quarterback and offensive coordinator, but throwing the bomb hits in waves.

Fans simply delight in the pigskin getting chucked as far as possible, no matter the intended consequences. This is why fans are exactly that … fanatics.

Throwing the bomb comes with incredible downsides and risks. Going vertical requires sufficient pass protection, first and foremost. A seven-step drop always demands it.

This could lead to a big-time sack or turnover, whether it occurs in the backfield or down the field via an interception. In that moment, however, fans either do not care about or blatantly overlook the consequences.

Today’s deals with risk and consequence, as it relates to the exploding legal online sports betting world. And no better subject to squeeze into this topic is the highly anticipated ESPN Bet promo code that’s set to drop on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

Learn why scooping up ESPN Bet’s new-user sportsbook bonus to come is something all online sports gamblers should not just consider but immediately activate once possible.

ESPN Bet promo code launching on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023

As previously mentioned, only a half-week separates us from the next big thing in the online sportsbook industry.

Courtesy of an August 2023 partnership between ESPN and PENN Entertainment, who promptly said goodbye to Barstool Sportsbook, ESPN Bet was born.

Initially, the official target launch was set for the Fall of 2023. Then, it became more specific, with a November 2023 date.

Finally, in early November, we learned that the ESPN Bet promo code would launch on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2023.

What the ESPN Bet sportsbook promo actually is, remains to be seen. Rest assured, however, that ESPN Bet is preparing to provide online sportsbook users with one of the most rewarding new-user bonus codes this industry has ever seen.

ESPN Bet promo code available states

Unlike most launches, which happen on a state-by-state basis, per legislation (once a new state enters the legal sports betting fray), ESPN Bet will launch in 17 states immediately.

This naturally means that the ESPN Bet promo code will also be available upon launch.

The 17 states in which the ESPN Bet app will be operational are as follows:

  1. ESPN Bet Arizona Promo Code
  2. ESPN Bet Colorado Promo Code
  3. ESPN Bet Illinois Promo Code
  4. ESPN Bet Indiana Promo Code
  5. ESPN Bet Iowa Promo Code
  6. ESPN Bet Kansas Promo Code
  7. ESPN Bet Kentucky Promo Code
  8. ESPN Bet Louisiana Promo Code
  9. ESPN Bet Maryland Promo Code
  10. ESPN Bet Massachusetts Promo Code
  11. ESPN Bet Michigan Promo Code
  12. ESPN Bet New Jersey Promo Code
  13. ESPN Bet Ohio Promo Code
  14. ESPN Bet Pennsylvania Promo Code
  15. ESPN Bet Tennessee Promo Code
  16. ESPN Bet Virginia Promo Code
  17. ESPN Bet West Virginia Promo Code

This is made possible due to PENN’s existing sports betting licenses in these states. Therefore, an online sportsbook launch of this magnitude is something of an amazing rarity.

Why the ESPN Bet promo code is a sportsbook bonus with no consequence

The simple yet profound reason why all online sports bettors need to pounce on the ESPN Bet promo code as soon as humanly possible isn’t difficult to spot.

It deals with a matter of choice without consequence.

No matter your sportsbook of choice, adding ESPN Bet to your personal portfolio does nothing but incrementally tack on another option.

Snatch up the ESPN Bet bonus code to come en route to testing the brand-spanking-new betting app out, all while realizing you’re under no obligation to hang around.

If you love what the ESPN Bet app has to offer, then great; you will have become an ESPN Bet sportsbook bettor. If you’re unsure about the new kid on the block, no worries; you can simply return to your usual book.

In the end, expect ESPN Bet to ultimately compete with the monster sportsbooks currently in existence (i.e. DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, and bet365 Sportsbook). Although it may take some time, it’s a tough bet to wager against the Worldwide Leader in Sports with such power behind it.

At the very least, the ESPN Bet app has cemented the idea of online sportsbooks in the mainstream.