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Fabricated claims of anti-semitism from the pro-Israel lobby

It’s mischievous at best for the New Zealand Jewish Council to make claims of anti-semitism with the graffiti spraypainted on the fence of the Israeli consulate in Auckland.

The words “Free Gaza”, Save the kids”, “Ceasefire” and “Free Palestine” were written on the fence in the Auckland suburb of Epsom overnight.

Juliet Moses from the New Zealand Jewish Council was aware of the incident and said the targeting of Jewish properties was unacceptable.

“There is a real escalation in antisemitism and graffiti is one of the manifestations of that.”

In the couple of paragraphs she morphs a “Free Gaza” message on the Israeli consulate fence into “targeting Jewish properties” and then talks about “graffiti as a manifestation of anti-semitism”.

It’s always disappointing when the media doesn’t challenge such a blatant fabrication.

“Conflating criticism of Israel with anti-semitism is a persistent tactic used by the pro-Israel lobby to defend Israel and discourage politicians and the media from speaking out against Israel’s outrageous policies and practices directed against Palestinians”.

They do it because it works. Just look at the spineless, cowardly behaviour of Labour and National politicians who are happy to condemn attacks on Israeli civilians but are deathly silent on Israeli war crimes.

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New Zealanders are quite rightly outraged at the genocidal slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza – over 10,000 killed including at least 3,900 children – and the graffiti reflects that outrage.

While PSNA was not involved in this graffiti and arson incident and we don’t see it as helpful for the Palestinian cause we can absolutely understand the motivation.

There is nothing anti-semitic in it.

If a similar graffiti attack had been made on a Russian Consulate after its invasion and occupation of Ukraine the whole country would probably have cheered.

Last year the New Zealand Jewish Council promoted a “survey on anti-semitism” which declared that calling Israel an apartheid state or supporting BDS (Boycott Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel were “markers of anti-semitism”.

It’s time these lies and mischievous inventions were called out for the rubbish they are.

The pro-Israel lobby has less interest in real anti-semitism than it does in using “whatever means necessary”, including lies and fabrications, to protect the apartheid state of Israel.

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