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Heartwarming moment wheelchair-bound bride walks down aisle

A HEARTWARMING video shows the moment that a wheelchair-bound bride incredibly walks down the aisle to meet her husband-to-be.

Joel and Carrie Redhead were married last month in a touching ceremony at the Riverlands venue in Faxfleet, East Yorkshire.

The incredible day was made even more special by bride Carrie – who often relies on a wheelchair for mobility – when she determinedly stood and walked down the aisle to her awestruck groom

The beautiful footage shows husband-to-be Joel standing at the end of the aisle, choked up with emotions.

His eyes are filled with tears as he realises the tremendous effort his wife-to-be is making as she stands from her chair with the assistance of a guest.

A voice-over can be heard saying: “They said we’d never make it.”

A soft cover of Shania Twain’s You’re Still the One can be heard playing as the line “looks like we made it” appears to fit with the couple’s five-year relationship journey.

The venue is filled with white floral garlands which hang above Joel’s head as behind him sit rows of guests who appear to be smiling and crying tears of joy as the bride walks carefully down the aisle.

A wedding guest can be seen gently holding her hand as Carrie walks towards Joel.

She appears nervous whilst Joel seemingly begins to weep with happiness as he watches Carrie coming towards him.

The soft music continues to play as the couple’s daughter can be seen smiling at her new stepfather’s response.

The celebrant can also be seen smiling as she moves to bring two chairs for the couple to sit on in order to say their vows.

Carrie walking towards Joel.
Pictured: The emotional moment. Credit to @redheadresidence from TikTok.

Joel then takes Carrie’s other arm as the couple finally sit together to listen to the celebrant – who eventually tells the pair that they can “seal the deal with a kiss” as the crowd cheer them on.

Joel then leans in for a kiss and the couple then chuckle at each other.

They took to social media last month to share the beautiful moment, writing: “I never in a million years expected this to happen”.

The post received over 350,200 likes and more than 8,600 comments as many shared their support for the newlyweds.

One person wrote: “Not me sobbing at the walk down the aisle. Carrie, you absolute hero.”

Another said: “I’ve watched this so many times. Wow, I have no words. To see Carrie walk down the aisle – I can only imagine how you felt, Joel.”

A third commented: “This is amazing. Well done, Carrie. Never felt such pride for someone I didn’t know. Hope your day was as beautiful as you both are.”

A fourth added: “Carrie, you’ve given me hope that I can walk down the aisle.”

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