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Hilarious video shows WWE legend Big Show trying Irn-Bru

A HILARIOUS video shows wrestling legend Big Show’s controversial reaction to Irn-Bru after trying the fizzy drink for the first time.

Big Show – best known for his time in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – was taking part in a UK vs USA food and drink test ahead of All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) All In Wembley PPV last week.

Joined by fellow wrestler, Norwich-born Saraya, the 51-year-old tried Scotland’s other national drink but was initially left unimpressed, boldly slamming the drink’s taste and appeal.

Despite his initial grievances with the drink however, Big Show – real name Paul Wight – was incredibly left admitting that he preferred the drink to the American option on the table – a root beer.

The clip begins with Big Show sitting alongside Saraya, who begins to try and help him understand the drink.

The current AEW Woman’s champion says: “Irn-Bru, I don’t even know how to describe that -.”

Heavyweight Big Show interjects to offer his view on the design of the can, commenting: “It’s got a dude lifting [weights] on here – is this like a sports drink?”

The former WWE champion then picks up the glass and sniffs the beverage, before the pair knock back the much-loved drink and Big Show pulls a disgusted face.

He pulls no punches with his initial commentary, stating: “Jesus, that’s awful.”

Saraya and the crew are left chuckling as Big Show lets out a burp, adding: “He just threw up a bit.”

Big Show agrees and informs her: “I threw up in my mouth a little bit on that one, oh my God is that terrible.”

The producer of the show then enquires to know what Big Show thinks the taste is like and receives a stark reply.

Pulling no punches, the big man scrunches up his face and says: “Vanilla vomit.”

Appearing keen to agree with her colleague, Saraya comments: “Yeah, Irn-Bru isn’t very good.”

Unsatisfied with the initial comment, Big Show adds: “I mean, that’s really terrible, that is horrendous.”

Saraya then sarcastically suggests that he take one additional sip just to be sure of his recommendation, saying: “You could take another sip just in case.”

However, Big Show seems disappointed that he hasn’t enjoyed the orange drink stating: “No it’s so bad, I can’t believe it tastes that bad.”

A member of the filming crew interjects and says: “Imagine it hungover.”

Big Show seems bewildered by this suggestion, asking “Hungover?” before Saraya comments: “It’s like medicine.”

This leads current AEW commentator Big Show to brutally add: “If I was hungover, I’d rather have a grilled pork chop out of an ashtray, that is just, there’s nothing.”

The Big Show holds a glass of Irn-Bru
Paul Wight tried Irn-Bru for the first time and claimed it tasted like ‘vanilla vomit’. Credit: TikTok/SportBible

As he speaks, he raises the glass to have another sniff, confusing Saraya who asks: “I thought you were going to drink it again.”

The pair continue their beat-down on Scotland’s favourite soft drink with no sign of stopping.

The Big Show, dressed in a black AEW polo shirt, comments: “I’m amazed that this is actually a product.”

Although appearing to dislike the drink, Big Show continues to pick up the glass to take small sips of the orange liquid.

Aware of what he is doing, Big Show offers his comment as to why, reasoning: “It’s so bad, I can’t stop, maybe that’s why it’s popular, because I can’t get a taste on it.

“I’m like ‘Oh this is good’ but it’s like ‘No this is rotten’.”

In a hilarious turn of events, surprising both himself and Saraya, along with the entire crew filming, Big Show smiles and laughs: “You know what is effed up? This is starting to grow on me.”

Rounding off the video – Saraya proclaims: “I will take one for the team and go for Team Britain if he likes it.”

The producer then asks who will be receiving the point between a root beer and Irn-Bru with Big Show completing his turnaround on the juice.

The former World Heavyweight champion adds: “It’s got to be, I would say Irn-Bru over Root Beer, yeah.”

The video was shared to social media last week with the caption: “Safe to say Paul Wight wasn’t a fan of Irn-Bru as he took on Snack Wars with the new AEW women’s world champion Saraya.”

It received over 5,500 likes with hundreds of social media users quick to comment on the hilarious clip.

One said: “Big Show has literally offended a whole country.”

Another added: “I’ll square go the Big Show.”

A third replied: “[Irn-Bru] is the greatest drink in the world.”

A fourth commented: “He definitely liked it, he couldn’t stop [drinking it].”

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