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I’m a makeup artist – 6 mistakes that are aging you & make you look tired

A PROFESSIONAL makeup artist has shared the most common makeup mistakes she sees that add years to the face.

Thankfully, the beauty expert also shared how to fix the cosmetics mistakes for a more youthful appearance.

Makeup artist Saffron Hughes shared six beauty mistakes that are aging you


Makeup artist Saffron Hughes shared six beauty mistakes that are aging youCredit: Getty

Sometimes, the way we do our makeup can age us more than no makeup at all. 

FalseEyelashes.co.uk consultant and professional makeup artist Saffron Hughes shared six common mistakes that age a person.

Saffron said: “Aging is a natural and beautiful process, however, you could be adding years to the face just by the way you apply your makeup when that may not be your intention.”

These are some of her helpful anti-aging tips that make you look younger instead of older.

1. Lighten the load

According to Saffron, medium to heavy coverage and excessive concealer settle into a person’s fine lines more. 

“The concept of ‘less is more’ certainly holds true when it comes to applying makeup to mature skin,” she said.

Using a thicker, cream-based, or high-coverage foundation may lead to the makeup settling into fine lines and creases as you smile or express yourself, which can accentuate any flaws.

“Instead, consider opting for a serum-based foundation or a tinted moisturizer that creates the appearance of well-hydrated and radiant skin,” she recommended.

This will leave you looking more alert and youthful, all while effectively concealing imperfections.

Also, she claimed that applying excessive concealer under the eyes can result in pronounced creases, especially when followed by the use of powder for setting, which leads to the next tip.

2. Powder-based products cause cakey-ness as we age.

Following up on the previous point, Saffron said that powder has the potential to settle into those fine lines and create that undesired cakey appearance.

“My professional recommendation is to be extremely judicious with powder usage, or even better, consider opting for cream or liquid-based alternatives in your makeup arsenal,” she explained.

This includes everything from your blushes, bronzers, and yes, even your eyeshadows.

These creamy options not only provide a more youthful and fresh appearance but also prove to be much more forgiving in terms of application. 

3. Darker eyeshadow shades make eyes appear smaller and deeper shadows, creating the illusion of fatigue.

“Heavy eyeliner can have an aging effect on the eyes. Darker shades not only make the eyes appear smaller but can also create deeper shadows around them, creating the illusion of fatigue,” said Saffron.

Applying a nude or light eyeliner on the waterline can “enhance the brightness of the whites of your eyes,” making you appear more alert.

4. As we age, eyebrows thin so they should be thickened out with a pencil.

“To achieve a youthful appearance and enhance your facial framing, utilize a fine brow pencil. Create small, delicate strokes to create the impression of full, slightly arched brows that provide a lifting effect to your face.

Saffron said: “Drawing individual brow hairs yields a more realistic result compared to using powder or gel products.”

5. Skipping primer accentuates fine lines and textured skin. 

“Using face products without a primer can accentuate the appearance of fine lines and result in creasing, revealing textured skin underneath,” Saffron explained.

A primer, particularly one enriched with hydrating components like hyaluronic acid, can create a smoother base for mature skin prior to the application of foundation or concealer.

According to the expert, it not only enhances the longevity of your makeup but also reduces the visibility of acne and imperfections.

“Silicone-based primers can be highly effective in filling in areas with pronounced texture, such as the corners of the eyes or where smile lines develop,” she added.

6. Dark lipstick highlights dry, textured lips that are lacking in plumpness. 

“Dark lipsticks, though often favored during colder months, can actually make you appear older. As we age, our lips tend to lose their fullness and definition,” Saffron explained.

In addition, as the skin on our lips becomes drier with age, “wearing matte-finish lipstick can accentuate any textural issues on and around the lips.”

Instead, she advised outlining your lips with a shade just one or two tones deeper than your natural lip color.

Then, follow it up with a gloss because it “adds dimension to the lips and creates the impression of a fuller, more youthful pout.”

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