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Chris Packam set to march with scientists against new UK oil drilling

The naturalist and TV presenter, 62, has organised the event with ecologist Emma Smart, and they are set to gather at 12 pm at Parliament Square tomorrow (Sunday, September 3).

There are around 100 Microbiologists, ecologists, astrophysicists, and air pollution scientists expected to join Packham in this action.

Talking at a Just Stop Oil meeting this week, Packham said they hope to have peaceful conversations with MPs that choose to come out, The Mirror reported.

Daily Echo: Chris Packahm organised the event with ecologist Emma SmartChris Packahm organised the event with ecologist Emma Smart (Image: Yui Moke/PA Wire/PA Images)

He added: “I think it’s increasingly something that they need to be seen to be doing.

“We are putting pressure on our elected representatives to come and listen to the people who we trust when it comes to climate breakdown.”

Chris Packham explains why he supports Just Stop Oil

Packham has also discussed why he supports Just Stop Oil, explaining that he fears for “our future” with the way things are going.

He said: “I share with so many of the other supporters of Just Stop Oil a very deeply entrenched fear for our future.

“I have a stepdaughter who is 28 and I worry about the world she will inherit.” He added campaigners like him have known of the dangers of climate change since the 80s but failed to do enough.

“I feel our generations of activists, campaigners, whatever, had not acted with sufficient furore or gusto in order to implement those changes. We haven’t been shouting loud enough.”

Packham has also spoken out about previous jail sentences given to Just Stop Oil members for traffic disruption and when two members scaled the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge in October 2022, as reported by BBC News.

He said: “This does seem to be a particularly onerous and vindictive punishment and we see far lesser sentences handed out to crimes that most people would think would be far more dangerous.

“Just Stop Oil don’t hurt people. They are scattering paint and litter and so on but there are no human victims of that.

Alongside that, he urged the public to keep things in perspective with annoyance caused by the activism of Just Stop Oil in comparison to the effects of climate change around the world.

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