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Frustrated passenger missed plane amid Glasgow Airport chaos

MacPhee, who was due to fly to Southampton at 2pm today, said the lack of communication between the airport and airlines caused major confusion.

He added: “When I arrived at the airport, everything seemed normal.

“I went up the escalators to go through security and there was a static queue, it just wasn’t moving.

“It kept getting bigger and bigger and we weren’t moving for an hour.

“Then, around a couple dozen people bought priority security because they realised they were going to miss their flight and the normal queue started to move forward, at which point we thought everything was fine.

“Then, there was another standstill and beyond security, there was another growing queue.

“Border force or border security were then checking everybody’s passport, that is why the masses were not moving at all.”

The passenger, along with dozens of others, has missed his flight and claims he got no money back for having to rebook it for later today.

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He said: “I contacted LoganAir, who told me I have to leave the security area and go back to the front to talk to Menzies and sort out my baggage.

“It was all miscommunication.

“I had to go through security again and I am on the later flight but there is no compensation from LoganAir of Glasgow Airport.

“I understand why they had to do it, it’s just frustrating that security didn’t communicate with the airlines because when I contacted Logan Air, they had no idea of the situation and couldn’t offer any help.

“I’m lucky that it’s a domestic flight.”

The nature of the incident is still unknown and MacPhee said he was told by staff it was a “national incident”.

He also said workers were not able to answer any questions from passengers.

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