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CD reviews : Doug Dillard, Show of Hands, Crabby Appleton

The Doug Dillard Expedition, “Live at the Fremont Hotel, Las Vegas, 1970” (Floating World)-The name of Doug Dillard may not be too familiar to the average record buyers these days but readers with very long memories may possibly recall his pioneering work with The Dillards. This infectious combo’s musical exploits in the sixties helped to expose the delights of bluegrass to a new young audience via their TV appearances and college performances, and the group’s splendid Elektra albums should be required listening for Americana devotees everywhere. Floating World’s new collection shines a welcome spotlight on the banjo ace’s subsequent short lived creative collaboration with demon fiddler Byron Berline in the Doug Dillard Expedition as they charmed their Las Vegas audience with old favourites such as “Uncle Pen,” “Orange Blossom Special” and “Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms.”

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