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Three ways Meghan and Harry let down Queen’s legacy after betraying positions

A ROYAL expert has revealed three ways Meghan Markle and Prince Harry let down the Queen’s legacy after betraying their positions.

Harry has paid tribute to the Queen one year on from her death – saying his grandmother was “looking down on us, happy we’re together”.

Harry and Meghan 'let down' the Queen, Richard Fitzwilliams claimed


Harry and Meghan ‘let down’ the Queen, Richard Fitzwilliams claimedCredit: @bluesbabysitter / twitter

But Richard Fitzwilliams said that the Queen would have been “saddened” by the couple’s attacks on the royal family this year.

He told The Sun: “She was badly let down by the Sussexes – and she would have been saddened by the way they have continued their attacks on the royal family.”

These are the three ways he said the couple have let down the Queen’s legacy.

‘Racism’ U-turn

This January Harry sensationally denied ever accusing the Royal Family of being racist.

Millions of ITV viewers were stunned to see Harry distance himself from incendiary comments made on US telly to Oprah Winfrey in 2021.

Then he and Meghan sensationally claimed that an unnamed royal had concerns over the colour of baby Archie’s skin.

Meghan even suggested he may not be made a prince amid “conversations” about how dark he would be.

But in a dramatic U-turn, Harry told pal Tom Bradby in his 90-minute interview they never made a racism accusation.

Bradby had asked Harry, 38, to elaborate on the Oprah interview in which “you accused members of your family of racism”.

Millions of viewers were left open-mouthed when Harry replied: “No I didn’t.”

Even Bradby looked stunned as the Duke of Sussex passed the blame elsewhere, muttering: “The British press said that.”

Bust-up with William

Harry blasted his older brother William in his memoir Spare, published in January.

He claimed he was floored by his older sibling in a violent showdown over “the whole rolling catastrophe” of their relationship.

In bombshell extracts from his book, Harry, 38, claims Wills called Meg “rude” and “abrasive” then ripped his necklace as he knocked him onto the ground and broke the pet bowl.

In an interview with journalist pal Tom Bradby, which is on ITV on Sunday night, Harry will blame William’s ”red mist” and say his brother urged him to “hit back”.

But The Sun revealed the kitchen fight started when William, 40, popped to Harry’s Nottingham Cottage to address the Meghan bully claims.

Meg, 41, had been accused of bullying two personal assistants out of their jobs and undermining the confidence of a third worker.

A Buckingham Palace investigation into the claims finished last year has been buried to save fresh revelations coming public.

Harry’s book revealed a series of arguments and petty disputes, including a row with William over beards and Meghan offending Kate after speaking about her “hormones” and “baby brain”.

Slammed his dad Charles

In March Harry launched a fresh attack on his father King Charles by blaming his adult traumas on growing up in a “broken home”.

He slammed his “incredibly painful” childhood where he complained of being starved of hugs and attention.

He told physician Dr Gabor Maté — in a £19-a-ticket global livestream to promote his book Spare — that he had to move his family to the US to break the “cycle of pain”.

He was also likely to trigger renewed anger from the Royal Family with a jibe about his upbringing.

Harry, who did tours of Afghanistan, told Dr Maté: “I was also a fantastic candidate for the military.

“I don’t know how it is around the rest of the world but certainly in the UK we tend to recruit from broken homes — you know individuals that are ready for it.”

His Hungarian-Canadian inquisitor said the royal had grown up in an environment where there was a “lack of child being held”.

Dr Maté added of the late Queen: “At some point you wanted to hug your grandmother but it wasn’t done.”

The royal, who was 12 when Charles divorced his mum Diana, said in the fireside chat: “I did have an incredible childhood, elements of it, and elements of it were incredibly painful.”

The dad of two said he and his wife Meghan “try their best to make sure you don’t hand on any traumas that you have as a parent”.

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Prince Harry risked also further stoking his war with William — by claiming he was closer to their mother Diana.

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