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This week’s best celebrity looks put their best foot forward

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attends the 2023 Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore.

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Former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern attends the 2023 Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore.

This week, when our best dressed stars stepped into the world they did it in great shoes.

Some wore blingy heels, some delicate frilly socks and some bright strappy sandals. Others just looked light on their feet.

Some of the looks were result of designers / client relationships years in the making – as was the case with Jacinda Ardern, but others, like Hunter Shafer, were marked the start of something new.

See these well-heeled looks and more below as the Ensemble team wrap up their favourite celebrity looks from the past seven days.

Best spring time

Hunter Schafer’s collaborations with the now-retired celebrity stylist Law Roach were completely exquisite, so I’m thrilled to see the Euphoria star’s style game still going strong as she embarks on a new working relationship with Interview’s Dara Allen.

I guess the Hunger Games prequel she’s starring in has a strike waiver, which is great for us as without it I would never have seen this delicately beautiful yet slightly grunge in a nineties/Y2K kind of way two piece, or discovered the designer Connor Ives who has a beautiful aesthetic. The top half of this look is shoppable from Netaporter for a cool USD$630. I also spent far more time than I should’ve this morning checking out Connor Ives’ website and fantasising over reconstituted and bedazzled American sportswear. – Rebecca Wadey, Ensemble co-founder.

Best NZ fashion on the world stage

Juliette Hogan dressed Jacinda Ardern for many high-profile occasions, so it makes sense that the former prime minister chose the NZ designer for this green carpet moment at the Earthshot Prize Awards in Singapore.

Ardern is a trustee of the Earthshot board, alongside the likes of the Prince of Wales, and the likes of Cate Blanchett (in a Stella McCartney suit) and Hannah Waddingham (in a big ol’ ballgown) also attended the awards. Jacinda looks simple, classy and, frankly, quite stress-free, and I love that for her. – Zoe Walker Ahwa, Ensemble editor

Best Warbler yellow

Chloë Sevigny never puts a foot wrong in fashion, so of course the eternal It Girl served a best look at the CDFA awards this week, in a silk taffeta gown by Christopher John Rogers. The yellow-dress-red-lip combo is a classic (Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan and Lupita Nyong’o have all proven this to be true) but only if it’s the right shade… ‘Warbler yellow’ is how fashion designers describe it, as opposed to Tweety Bird. Shout out to Angela Hacks on TikTok who recreated Chloë’s entire look out of a shower curtain, masking tape and a tea towel. – Lara Daly, Ensemble Publishing coordinator.

Best 40-year-old

Ensemble favourite Alexa Chung celebrated entering her fifth decade with what looked like a very fun party, and sharing 40 pieces of life advice with British Vogue.

Pearl of wisdom number 37 is “ If I had to choose, I would invest in good shoes over any other wardrobe item” and she followed this advice at her do, pairing this oiled up latex column dress with a pair of party appropriate crystal-encrusted Roger Vivier heels. Though I’d be tempted to save $3000 and just get these Zara dupes. – Tyson Beckett, Ensemble journalist.

Best bow

The first reviews for Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla are out, and it sounds like the Sofia girlies amongst us (*raises hand) are going to be happily satiated with her hyper-feminine, melancholic sun-soaked aesthetic in full noise. Doing the most here is star Cailee Spaeny who fresh off an incredible V Magazine cover series where she dressed as Elizabeth Taylor and Liza Minelli, appeared on Jimmy Fallon in an exquisite Giambattista Valli two piece perfectly evocative of her leading role. – RW

Best in brown

When you spend an inordinate amount of time looking at red carpet pictures, you start noticing details others don’t have the time or inclination to care about. I for instance, look forward to the Art + Film Gala at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art every year because it has the most interesting step and repeat on the circuit – guests get snapped in front of Chris Burden’s Urban Light artwork featuring 202 refurbished streetlamps that were originally spread throughout Southern California in the 1930s. The piece is the perfectly atmospheric backdrop for Emma Chamberlain’s vampy and bejewelled Gucci party frock and slingbacks, themselves a sight for sore eyes.– TB

Best Ensemble vibes

SZA accepted her award for music innovator of the year at the Wall St Journal Innovation Awards in an award that’s a veritable Ensemble bingo card of looks we love. Red bow in her hair? Check. Big ass collar? Check. Frilly socks? Yup. Sigh. This look is utter perfection and a contender for my look of the year. This is innovation I can get behind. – RW

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