Elderly Seattle couple latest victims of home invasion robberies targeting Asian families

Police said Thursday an elderly Asian couple was robbed at gunpoint inside their Seattle home — the latest in a series of crimes this summer targeting Asian families.

Authorities said they responded to the home invasion in South Seattle after five Black male suspects broke into the home and forced the couple to hand over money.

The suspects took electronics, cash and jewelry — including a necklace from the female victim’s neck — before fleeing.

Police said they believe the same group of three to seven young men are behind 14 home invasion robberies involving Asian families since June. Police added that they don’t believe the robberies are hate crimes.

The female victim told KOMO News that robbers accosted her husband at gunpoint.

“They push my husband into the corner and put a gun to his head,” the homeowner said. “They kept asking me, ‘Where is the money? Where is the money?’ And I said ‘I don’t have any money, I am old and retired.’”

Asian families have also been targets of home invasion robberies in Oakland, California.

Internal memos from Oakland police show 50 home invasion robberies in the Oakland Hills neighborhood where Asian families are victimized, according to San Francisco ABC affiliate KGO-TV.

The report didn’t provide a time range for when the 50 home invasions occurred, but police memos obtained by the station indicate that a small group of criminals are largely responsible for the violent break-ins.

An elderly couple robbed in July was held at gunpoint for nearly 40 minutes as the thieves rifled through their belongings.

The robbers made off with $10,000 in cash and jewelry before leaving.

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