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Embody Quiet Luxury With These 6 Timeless Designers

What is quiet luxury? And, more importantly, what are the best quiet luxury brands on SSENSE? Well today, I’m answering just that.

With my 30th birthday on the horizon I’ve been on the hunt for a treat yourself type of present that meets an expensive kind of criteria. We’re welcoming in the financially free years, after all. It has to be something I wouldn’t usually buy myself, and it has to be a forever piece I will keep and pass down. Most likely jewellery, or a bag—but I could swing for another coat too. So with that in mind, let’s circle back to quiet luxury.

What is quiet luxury? It’s buying classic, splurge-worthy pieces that are truely timeless. A kind of new age minimalism where you pay a pretty penny for the silhouettes, fabrics and colours that you’ll will not only adorn you, but age with you. Or, in terms of ‘Girl Math’, it’s a piece that eventually cost you nothing because you’ve worn it to death. A life-long, financially sound, fashion investment.

So with that said, I went on a hunt. Queue the hours long shopping binge on SSENSE, my current favourite website for quiet luxury brands. With the seasons about to change, they’ve added so much for to their New Seasons and New Arrivals sections. Since I spent so many hours browsing the site, I thought I’d share the designers you need to invest in on SSENSE for those pieces you’ll keep forever.


Anyone that reads this blog regularly will know that Jacquemus had to be in this line up. There truly is no other designer right now with the ability to meticulously curate and craft outfits that effortlessly blend timeless minimal elegance with vibrant hues.

What sets Jacquemus apart is the meticulous selection of materials and the use of colours that effortlessly transcend trends, showcasing a timeless style. If you already own a piece of Jacquemus, I’m sure you’ll know how easy they are to wear time and time again.

Bec & Bridge

Bec & Bridge, an Australian-based fashion label, is a testament to the power of quiet luxury. The brand combines earthy tones and classic silhouettes, creating a harmonious blend of simplicity and sophistication. Even their seasonal patterns manage to blend seamlessly enough that you can work them into any wardrobe.

Season after season Bec & Bridge consistently reworks their best-selling pieces, subtly refining and enhancing them. This approach ensures that their offerings remain fresh and contemporary, yet timeless. It’s personally, one of my favourite brands for this reason – you never feel like you’re wearing old season.

Paris Georgia

Shopping for Paris Georgia on SSENSE is a no-brainer – especially because they always have exclusive pieces. Paris Georgia remains to be one of my favourite New Zealand designers, and the only one I consistently buy more of each year.

No matter what time of year it is, you’ll find a variety of eye-catching pieces that are sure to make a statement. Think voluminous sleeves and stylish cowboy seaming, or perhaps something with just the perfect amount of detail, like their signature keyhole cut. Simple but never boring. Paris Georgia’s designs just have a way of making you feel put together without ever feeling overdressed.

Anine Bing

Anine Bing is the cool-girl you wanted to be at school. The former model-fashion blogger embraced her unique sense of style (think boxy blazers with straight-leg jeans and rock ‘n’ roll-inspired tees and Chelsea boots) and created her hugely popular namesake fashion brand.

Slightly different to your typical ‘quiet luxury’ brands, Anine Bing consistently manages to create timeless styles that mix elements of grunge, punk, and rock. They’ve built a cult following in my side of the world too – you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street without seeing on of her printed t-shirts or oversized crews.

Camilla & Marc

Sydney-based brand Camilla & Marc has carved out a distinctive niche for itself. Founded in 2003 by brother-sister duo, Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman, this brand has become synonymous with everyday luxury, which combines laid-back Aussie charm with sophisticated design.

I’m not alone in loving it either – this is another brand that you can’t miss when you’re on the New Zealand streets. In the often-noisy world of fashion, Camilla & Marc have shown that sometimes, the quietest statement can be the coolest.

Esse Studios

In an industry characterised by overproduction , Esse Studios has emerged as a refreshing counterpoint. Founded in 2017 by Australian designer Charlotte Hicks, this label has taken up the mantle to address the fashion industry’s wastefulness head-on.

Esse Studios focuses on the creation of thoughtful, long-lasting womenswear that will see us through many decades. And, you can tell — each piece is simple, sophisticated and just subtle enough that you could never get tired of it.

To sum it up, investing in timeless pieces from quiet luxury brands is the way to go, especially in 2023. Whether it’s Jacquemus’ bold shapes, Bec & Bridge’s luxe fabrics, Paris Georgia’s signature detailing or Esse Studios’ sustainable pieces – you can find something that you can hold on to forever.

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