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INDIGENOUS: originating or occurring naturally in a particular place.

NATIVE: a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth.

We are all native and therefore indigenous in New Zealand.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters made the claim that Māori are “not indigenous” while speaking at a public meeting in Nelson on Sunday.

“Here’s the rub if you are Māori. We’re not indigenous,” Peters told his supporters.

“We come from Hawai-iki. Where’s our Hawai-iki? We think it is in the Cook Islands. We think it’s in Rarotonga … but we’re not from here. And you go back 5000 years, we came with our DNA from China. Not like 55,000 years in Australia.”

Asked after the meeting by Stuff if he could see that that view might be upsetting to some, Peters referred to it as “the truth”.

Then we get this bullshit from TV 1 Origins

  1. Scotty Morrison explores the origins of the Māori people, visiting the Wairau Bar site which could be the first community in Aotearoa. Scotty tries to locate his hawaiki, his homeland, in the Pacific, but is hawaiki a real place or just a concept?

2. Scotty learns how early Pākehā researchers got the origins of Māori so wrong. He is surprised to find that several traditional folktales in Samoa are replicated in Māori culture and he makes a shock personal discovery at an ancient Vanuatu urupa.

3. Series Finale: Scotty travels to Ethiopia to explore the place that is said to be the origin of us all, and he visits the Cook Islands – the stepping off point for waka heading to Aotearoa hundreds of years ago.

Look at the map below. It gives in detail the Maori/Moriori migration from the far East and the dates.

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