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Here’s The Money, Joe

Accusations of receiving bribes from foreign governments by the Biden crime family have been swirling around for the past several years. The bribes go back to the time when Biden was Vice President under Barack Obama, continued during Biden’s time out of office, and now impact his time as president.

There are currently several House investigations going on as well as impeachment hearings that will likely lead to the impeachment of Biden later this year or early in 2024. There is a mountain of evidence that could convict Biden in a court of law. Unfortunately, the Department of Justice has shown no willingness to follow up on the leads and the corrupt FBI has tried to bury most of the evidence in their internal files or claim that it’s being investigated by a Special Counsel and therefore they can’t comment. It’s all part of the cover-up.

Of course, the press is not looking closely at the story because they exist mainly to prop up the senile Biden (there are some exceptions including Miranda Devine of the New York Post and some reporters on Fox News). When asked about this, Biden has sneered at the public and said, “Where’s the money?” This is a mocking way of saying there may be a lot of evidence about Hunter Biden and Joe’s brothers Jim and Frankie Biden, but there is no direct evidence showing that he personally received any. That’s a red herring because there’s plenty of evidence that he received bribes in kind in the form of houses, cars and other material goods. Now, even the money facade is beginning to crumble. A $200,000 payment directly to Joe Biden was disclosed a few weeks ago. Now comes another revelation,  that Joe received a $40,000 direct payment from his brother Jim.

The Bidens have tried to pass these payments off as “loans.” Really? Where’s the note? What was the interest rate? Was the so-called loan ever repaid? If not, did Joe Biden declare the forgiveness of debt on his income tax return as required by law? That’s assuming these actually were loans, which in all likelihood they were not. Instead, they are exactly what they appear to be – bribes to sell out U.S. national security.

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