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Woman who ‘tattooed’ boyfriend’s name on her forehead shares her biggest regret

Ana has her boyfriend's name 'tattooed' on her head. Or does she?


Ana has her boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed’ on her head. Or does she?

A woman who said she had her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead has shared one of her biggest regrets – and hopes that others don’t make the same errors.

Last week, eyebrows across the globe were raised after a woman shared a video of herself seemingly getting her boyfriend’s name ‘tattooed’ across her forehead in an absolutely massive font.

Influencer Ana Stanskovsky took to TikTok, beaming from ear to ear, to show off the stencil of the name Kevin across her forehead. Sitting back in the tattoo artist’s chair, she declared: “Let’s do it!”.

Celebrity tattoo artists and sceptics alike called foul, with one expert telling the Metro newspaper it was “100% fake”.

Now Ana, who racked up tens of millions of views on the video sharing platform, has come clean and admitted it was an elaborate social media ruse.

When she originally uploaded the video, Ana said:

“Yes, it’s real. I can’t even believe it myself that I did it. I know it’s a little bit crazy. But I like to express my feelings, and I think if you really love someone you should be able to show it off.”

She also said she was “sick and tired” of everyone on social media telling her it was fake, the Mirror reports.

But now she has admitted that it was all fake – and the reason she did it was because she does have regrets about another tattoo, and doesn’t want anyone else to go through the same.

Posting another video to social media, where she wiped the name Kevin from her forehead, she explained: “All I want to say is that I regret my tattoo…but not this one.”

After pointing to her forehead, Ana continued: “Because this is not actually a real tattoo. I want everyone to know that I regret my tattoos, and you might regret yours when you get older.”

In a candid moment, Ana spills the ink on her own tattoo journey, expressing regret for a previous tattoo.

She said, “As a person fully covered in tattoos, I feel like it is my responsibility to speak up, share my experience, and influence people in the right way.”

Reflecting on her first tattoo a decade ago, Ana revealed that her mum and friends warned her about regrets. She ignored their advice, but now, she wants to be that voice of reason for others.

“If there was someone ‘covered in tattoos’ who told me they regret them, I would have listened,” she said.

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